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The smartest way to get paid.


With PhonePOS, accept payments directly on your smartphone.

Rubean provides small-to-enterprise size merchants the ability to use smartphones to safely accept mobile payments from a customer's NFC-enabled smart-cards or smartphones — anywhere. 

A New Safe and Secure Point-of-Sale Solution without extra Hardware.

All over the world paying with cash is out, paying with a contactless card is in. Consumers have any number of reasons for preferring plastic to paper: it’s cleaner, and that counts during a pandemic, it’s also safer and easier. Consumers already love it.

But the contactless payment revolution is leaving nearly 60 million small merchants behind.

One of the biggest obstacles that many merchants face is that they do not have, want, cannot lease or wish to buy a point-of-sale machine. With roughly 42 million small businesses in Europe and 17 million in the United States, the need for a simple and secure mobile payment solution is greater today than ever before.

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These small businesses range from the local hair stylist, to mechanics, repair experts,  and psychologists to the food vendor selling their goods at an open market. Using a dedicated point-of-sale machine has also proven to be a challenge. In today's rapidly moving cashless world, a physical terminal is no longer practical, forcing the business owner to accept cash in this pandemic world.​

Enter PhonePOS by Rubean. The smartest way to get paid.

Rubean's PhonePOS was developed in 2017 to provide the technology to turn a smartphone into a point-of-sale device. The business owner's smartphone becomes the card reader and all that is needed is our innovative Android software. With PhonePos, merchants can now accept card payments that consumers prefer and expand their business by adding cashless transactions.

Contactless Payment, NFC and Tap & Pay

Using PhonePOS is simple. Turn on phone. Tap contactless card to the back. Get Paid.

The payments world is complex and difficult to navigate. Banks and acquirers that would like to offer a Tap & Pay solution need a service provider that is as well-versed in the nuances of this world as they are. Rubean’s solution does just that. From securing the phone, to recognizing and authenticating cards, to connecting to acquiring platforms, Rubean makes it all happen.

While the technology inside PhonePOS is anything but simple, the Rubean Phone POS experience removes the difficulties for the merchants, by making payment acceptance easy. 

Rubean is simply the smartest way to get paid.


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