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Rubean AG has been developing software for the financial market for 18 years. We have offices in Munich, London and Hamburg and have been listed on the Munich Open Market since 2016.

Our subsidiary, Smart Payment Solutions GmbH is a specialist developer of Mobile Payment technologies which make use of Near Field Communication (NFC) – the standard by which phones, cards and POS terminals communicate with one another nowadays. Our contemporary payment solutions have been designed with the user in mind: stylish and easy to use (for merchants and consumers alike) in all use-case scenarios, while being secure and compliant with PSD2 and GDPR best practice.

To further differentiate Rubean in the marketplace, our solutions portfolio already boasts a number of “World Firsts”:

  • PhonePOS is a new, smartphone-only mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) solution, developped and marketed in cooperation with CCV. For processing contactless (NFC) payments the merchant will not require any additional, peripheral hardware, just the app on their smartphone. The solution is especially appealing for smaller and mobile merchants who regard conventional payment terminals as too unwieldy and expensive. Mastercard and Visa, the card networks who specify security requirements on their payment card systems, have supported the concept of a smartphone-only payment terminal since 2017.

  • RubeanTag extends the reach of existing mobile payment solutions. Built in collaboration with major POS terminal manufacturers, it is set to turn conventional point-of-sale NFC communications on its head: With RubeanTag the POS terminal does not read the phone, instead, it behaves like a passive NFC tag and is ready by the phone. Rubean’s unique approach will enable Payment Service Providers to accept practically any phone (including iPhone 7 and upwards) with potentially any online payment and loyalty app at the Point of Sale.
  • RubeanSign is consumer-focused app. Designed with the payment associations of UK and Germany to streamline mobile and on-line transactions (payments, purchases, money transfers, etc). RubeanSign enables a user’s smartphone to communicate with contactless EMV cards and offers functionality to replace the “PIN Sentry” CAP devices we’ve all become so used to in recent years – no more losing or forgetting these peripheral gadgets.

Rubean’s subsidiary Rubean Device Solutions GmbH provides and maintains the comprehensive DRubeans Device Management Platform. DRubeans enables banks to connect all kinds of legacy banking peripherals (automated teller safes, printers, magnetic card readers etc.) with modern, browser, thin client or mobile-based work places. The German Savings Bank organisation has been using this solution for over 10 years, for approximately 50,000 work places.



Dr. Hermann Geupel

Board of directors

Bernd Martin Krohn (Chairman of the board)
Dr. Peter von Borch (Vice Chairman of the board)
Matthias Hunecke

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