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Company Profile

Rubean AG is a multinational fintech company based in Munich, Germany, and is the leading provider of software-only Point-of-Sale solutions to banks, and acquirers, and merchants. Over its nearly twenty-year history, Rubean has brought innovative solutions to the payments, finance, and banking industries. In addition to its Munich headquarters, Rubean has offices in Hamburg, London, Tel Aviv, and Tbilisi. 

Since 2016 Rubean AG has been a listed company on the Börse München (R1B).

Rubean Tech: Market-leading innovation.

Smart Payment Solutions GmbH is the Rubean subsidiary that is focused on the card payments market. Using the standards and guidelines set and provided by Visa and Mastercard in 2017, SPS developed PhonePos, a next-generation payment terminal that relies exclusively on software. The software eliminates the need for any added dongles, gadgets, or other hardware. PhonePos is the direct result of almost four years of effort and dozens of years of engineering time.

PhonePos is the new, smartphone-only mobile Point-of-Sale (mPOS) solution. Now that contactless payment cards are everywhere, merchants no longer need any additional peripheral hardware. All they need is just an app on their Android smartphone. In just a short time, PhonePOS has become the leading Software-only Point-of-Sale solution globally and is currently in deployment in Germany, Hungary, and multiple other markets in Europe.

Mastercard and Visa are the card networks that specify the security parameters and requirements for transactions on their payment card systems. Since 2017 both companies have supported the concept of a smartphone-only payment terminal.​


SPS develops mobile payment technologies that make use of Near Field Communication (NFC) – the standard by which phones, cards, and POS terminals communicate with one another nowadays. Our contemporary payment solutions have been designed with the user in mind. They are stylish and easy to use for both merchants and consumers alike, in all use-case scenarios, while being secure and compliant with PSD2 and GDPR best practices.

Our older subsidiary, Rubean Device Solutions GmbH, provides and maintains the comprehensive DRubeans Device Management Platform. DRubeans enables banks to connect all kinds of legacy banking peripherals, including automated teller safes, printers, magnetic card readers with modern, browser, thin client, or mobile-based workplaces. The German Savings Bank organization has been using this solution for over ten years, in approximately 50,000 workplaces.




Dr. Hermann Geupel

Board of Directors

Bernd Martin Krohn (Chairman of the board)
Dr. Peter von Borch (Vice Chairman of the board)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Mittnik
Henrica van de Velden