16.12.2016 22:03
Publication of inside information in accordance with EU Directive 596/2014, Art. 17

RUBEAN AG and windata want to merge

  • Merger intended
  • Mixed Cash- and Non-cash Capital Increase
  • windata constitutes new independent corporate division
  • Strong growth with innovative financial software

Munich, 16th December 2016. RUBEAN AG, Munich, (ISIN: DE0005120802) and windata GmbH & Co. KG have agreed on a merger. In a Letter of Intent both companies agree on merging to one corporate group in order to become stronger in the area of financial software. Planned is the 100% take-over of windata by means of a mixed cash- and non-cash capital increase. By issuing and acquiring new RUBEAN shares, windata’s shareholders will become the second largest shareholders of the new corporate group. The concrete price and exchange ratio will be determined in an ongoing due diligence. The next shareholders‘ meeting will vote on the cash- and non-cash capital increase.

The future corporate group shall consist of the RUBEAN AG holding, its affiliates RUBEAN Device Solutions GmbH (RDS) and Smart Payment Systems GmbH (SPS) and windata, which are further on run as profit centres. Expertise and business of each company will be further expanded and strengthened in the future, RDS in the field of device management and control, SPS in payment technology and windata in financial software. The brands RUBEAN and windata shall be retained. It is also intended that the current windata managing director Michael Rudhart will join the management board of the RUBEAN AG holding.

Windata was founded in 1993 and has considerably contributed to the development of electronic banking in Germany with innovative ideas in the field of electronic funds transfer. Today windata is a leading provider of banking solutions for companies, freelancers, self-employed individuals and private users. The company offers development, sales and operation of innovative client- and server products, apps for mobile devices and webservices for the financial services sector, payment service providers and their customers. windata’s customers include more than 50.000 companies and 200 German banks and savingsbanks, which offer windata’s software programs to their customers.

RUBEAN expects a strong company growth from their new and especially innovative software solution RubeanPay. It is a unique, patent pending solution for mobile and online payment, which fulfills demands on highest security with high comfort at the same time. The new solution converts smartphones into card terminals. Therewith customers can pay in the internet the same way they are used at the cash desk.


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