Fair Disclosure Policy / Corporate Governance

Goal of Rubean’s „Corporate Governance“ is to manage and supervise the company in a responsible way and create and maintain long-term added value with Rubean. Further substantial aspects of Rubean’s „Corporate Governance“ are an efficient cooperation between the executive and advisory board, attention to the shareholders‘ interests and openess and transparency in the corporate communications.

This aims at promoting trust of national and possibly also international investors, customers, stuff and the public in the management and supervision of German listed companies.

Rubean AG appreciates the creation of the Corporate Governance Codex and its anchoring in the Stock Corporation Act in § 161. Therewith a range of criteria for assessing the quality of corporate governance has been established.

We like to point out that to date Rubean’s executive and advisory board haven’t been subject to an annual statement according to the obligations of §161 AktG, stating to what extent the recommendations of the „Government Commission German Corporate Governance Code“ was and is complied with, since the company wasn’t listed according to §3 Abs. 2 AktG. Rubean AG‘s executive and advisory board haven’t issued a voluntary declaration of compliance with §161 AktG. At the date of the publication of the Prospectus, Rubean AG is not pursuing the German Corporate Governance Code.

However the advisory and executive board of Rubean AG will issue a declaration of compliance with the „Government Commission German Corporate Governance Code“. Like other companies also Rubean AG can’t comply with all criteria, since the Code is a standardized document applying for major and international blue chip companies as well as for minor and eventually just nationally acting, listed companies. Minor companies may not fulfill certain criteria. The according deviations need to be explained.

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