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Die Rubean AG develops software for highest quality and security demands of banks and all corporations, which take an active part in electronic payment. Rubean’s latest developments in the daughter company Smart Payment Solutions (SPS) GmbH enables a merchant Point-of-Sale terminal, called PhonePOS as pure smartphone app. The entire solution complies with Mastercard’s and VISA’s latest requirements.

With a core staff experienced in information technology for banks, young app developers and a management which is experienced in international sales, Rubean exploit the opportunities of the dynamic smartphone environment.

Market development and Competition

The increasing distribution of increasingly powerful smartphones change also the way of on-site payments. In China people pay phone-to-phone by scanning a pixel code (QR code). In Europe the smoother contactless (NFC) payment method prevails. Mastercard and VISA support the concept of a “smartphone-only” payment terminal since 2017, in order to attract small and mobile merchants to accept contactless payments.

In cooperation with the Dutch-German POS terminal manufacturer CCV, Rubean is one of the worldwide first and most advanced solution providers in this burgeoning market segment. We have a competitive advantage in the form of early market entry and numerous patent applications which protect innovative solution attributes.

Shareholder structure
Trade data
ISIN / WKN International Securities Identification Number (ISIN):
Securities Identification Number (Wertpapierkennnummer):
Symbol: R1B
Stock exchange Munich
Market segment Open Market
First day of trading Sept. 16, 2016
Initial price 5,15 EUR
Volume of shares 1.100.000 abearer shares
Volume of shares 1,1 Mio. Euro
Applicant and Listing Partner   Small & Mid Cap Investmentbank AG
Pricing intermediary Mwb fairtrade Wertpapierhandelsbank AG


Company key figures
* Forecasted Rubean group revenue until 31st of December 2019, basically secured by existing contracts. Risk Disclosure: the forecasted revenue is without any warranty and just reflects the management's expectations for the according period


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